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Green Builder Fashions Personal Design

Northwest builder, New Tradition Homes, manufactures homes that don’t
compromise aesthetic appeal for energy efficiency.

By Marco Martinez


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Affordable Housing with Renaissance Style

AMCAL’s latest multi-housing community with 72 units will set a new
benchmark for affordable housing in the Los Angeles area.

By Marco Martinez

Healthy Homebuilding for a Healthy Lifestyle

Taylor Morrison continues to build exceptional projects with exquisite curb appeal. As one of the nation’s leading homebuilders, they continue to raise the bar in the industry.

By Stephanie Ornelas

Raising the Standard of Luxury

The Calida Group breeds success through the quality, design and extravagance they build with each project. Elysian encompasses affordable high-end living at its best.

By Stephanie Consiglio

Delivering What the Baby Boomer Wants

The ABC Green Home 3.0 has found a home in Fullerton, California and will deliver will deliver exactly what a baby boomer or wounded warrior is looking for.

By Manny Gonzalez, AIA, LEED AP

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Market Green with Energy Efficient Mortgages

Green Mortgages allow homebuyers to afford energy efficient homes, marketing EEM’s to potential homebuyers makes a sale simpler. Read more

By Stephanie Ornelas

ZNE housing in Transit Oriented Developments

The second wave of Zero Net Energy housing includes unlikely residents, such as low-income families, farmworkers, senior citizens and veterans. Read more

By Sean Armstrong

The Top Green Home Building Trends for 2015

Green homebuilding is no longer a fad, it is becoming more and more main stream every day. Here are some of the hot simple trends to incorporate into home design. Read more

By Ryan McNeill

Tried and Tested: The Basics of Third-Party Testing

Energy-efficient building products tested by an accredited third-party lab can save time, money, and your reputation Read more

By Michael Thoman

The Driverless Car’s Impact on Land Use

There’s a new driving movement that could affect homebuilders and wide adoption would change development in numerous ways. Read more

By Patrick S. Duffy

Feng Shui: Sustainable Energy Making a Comeback

Increasing foreign investment into U.S. homes and shifting demographics has forced home builders to consider this untapped energy. Read more

By Jessie Kim

Know What Your Green Homeowners Want

Knowing how to market green features to interested homebuyers is an important aspect in green building. Read more

By Kevin Morrow

Going Green Where it Matters Most

As professionals, it’s our responsibility to identify how we can help our clients move to more progressive practices. Read more

By Darrill Andries

THE GHB Interview

Ron Nestor William Hezmalhalch Architects LEED AP Principal encourages sustainable and simple design in building. Read more

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