Addressing Misinformation on DOE Appliance Standards

Required by Congress to review appliance energy conservation standards and determine whether to amend such standards, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has proposed or finalized updates to existing energy efficiency standards for certain home appliances.

The DOE is shedding light on the following common myths in current circulation.

  • MYTH: Incandescent light bulbs are brighter and less expensive than LED bulbs.
  • MYTH: The federal government wants to ban gas stoves.
  • MYTH: New standards would make washing machines and refrigerators less effective.
  • MYTH: New rules on air conditioner window units would make A/C less reliable and more expensive during periods of high heat.
  • MYTH: Proposed standards on dishwashers will leave dishes less clean.

According the DOE, when you look past the misleading rhetoric, you’ll see that these proposals are intended for nothing more than promoting innovation and increasing energy efficiency without sacrificing the reliability and performance that Americans have come to expect and rely on.

The Department of Energy will continue to ensure Americans have access to safe, efficient, and affordable home appliances. To help Americans save energy and save money, the agency has established the Energy Savings Hub to connect consumers to historic tax credits and forthcoming rebates that may help bring down energy costs or the cost of an electric vehicle.

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