Beyond brick and mortar: The Green Home Tour

Accessibility to sustainable residences is an important part of mitigating climate change. In the U.S., residential buildings account for 21 percent of all domestic energy consumption and 20 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions. U.S. buildings as a whole, including commercial and residential, account for 40 percent of all domestic energy use — more than both the transportation and industrial sectors. In the face of such statistics, the Green Home Tour is back to showcase the 10 most innovative sustainable homes in Boulder County — from homes with edible landscaping to apartments that you can virtually heat with a hair dryer. In its second year, the self-paced tour aims to showcase the diversity of sustainable living situations available to the average budget. According to Juana Gómez, committee member of the Colorado Green Building Guild, these 10 innovative homes go way beyond solar panels and energy-efficient appliances.