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Green Builder Profile: Brookfield Residential

Brookfield Residential has been an award-winning builder and developer for more than 60 years. By focusing on developing sustainable communities and creating a positive customer experience, Brookfield Residential has become one of the nation’s leading homebuilders.

Brookfield Residential’s continued focus on their values – passion, integrity, and community – has guided them along the road of sustainability. By pursuing green home design in creating mixed-use communities where buyers can live, work and play, they have proven their commitment to providing sustainable, earth-friendly communities.

One of Brookfield’s most impressive works to date, the PureBlue Home in Avendale, Virginia, is the realization of their vision to prove that homes can produce their own energy. “If we continue along this path, we can save our homebuyers thousands of dollars a year, and we can do it without asking them to sacrifice,” Robert Hubbell, President of Brookfield Residential’s Washington, D.C., division said. “We’ll actually make their lifestyle more comfortable, and more enjoyable.”

Incredibly, the PureBlue Home has scored a -1 on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, the industry standard for measuring energy efficiency. This means that PureBlue generates more energy that it consumes, and is much more efficient than the national average score of 100 for new homes. Brookfield builds homes to not only add value and to enrich the quality of life for homeowners, but also to make themselves accountable for their impact on the environment.

The Link, in Brookfield’s new Playa Vista community, was recognized at this year’s NAHB The Nationals with a Gold Award for Best Landscape Design – Master Planned Community. Decades in the making, Playa Vista has gained an enviable position as one of the hottest tech-driven real estate markets in the country and as one of Los Angeles’s largest infill communities. Brookfield even partnered with Apple in bringing innovative smart home technology to The Link. “We’re doing this because we believe, in time, it will give us a competitive advantage over used homes and our competition in the new home space,” said Adrian Foley, CEO of Brookfield Residential. “People will view us as a thoughtful, future-looking builder.”

Brookfield Residential continues to produce impressive, sustainable work, keeping their buyers’ quality of life – and the state of the planet – at the forefront of their designs.

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