A Dominant Force in Homebuilding

Green Builder Profile: TRI Pointe Homes

Comprised of six premium brands, TRI Pointe Group is a force in the homebuilding industry. Quadrant Homes, TRI Pointe Homes, Pardee Homes, Maracay Homes, Trendmaker Homes, and Winchester Homes all fall under the TRI Pointe Group umbrella. Together, they build nationally, dominating hot markets across California, to Maryland and Virginia.

Sustainability is a key factor for TRI Pointe Group, and is always incorporated in their homes, no matter what brand they are operating under. According to their website “[TPG is] leading the way in sustainability and environmentally appropriate business practices, because we believe in the collective responsibility to conserve resources and leverage emerging technologies to reduce, recycle, reuse and innovate.”

TPG’s sustainable endeavors began more than 10 years ago. Their endeavors go beyond what’s best for the planet and its resources, but they wanted to ameliorate what their homes had to offer for the homebuyer. From a more healthful, comfortable, and cost-efficient home, the choice to take a sustainable business and homebuilding approach just made sense.

To ensure sustainability and energy efficiency, TPG curated their LivingSmart® program, in which each of their six regional homebuilding brands proudly participates in. LivingSmart® is a comprehensive program that takes into consideration the development, design, construction, and ongoing operation of high-performing homes that result in cost-savings for homeowners and a better environment for their families. There are five components to the program: HealthSmart, EnergySmart, EarthSmart, WaterSmart, and HomeSmart. From healthy living and clean air, to a methodical landscape design that helps conserve water usage, these five components work together to bring the TPG homebuyer a home that cost-effective and sustainable.

Sustainable awards and highlights include the 2011 NAHB Research Center’s National Green Building Standard Gold certification. Other accolades include Builder and Developer magazine recognizing TRI Pointe Homes as the 2014 Developer of the Year.

In February 2018, TPG launched TRI Pointe Advantage Insurance Services, Inc., aimed at providing competitive homeowners insurance within a streamlined homebuying process. “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the home buying experience for our customers from start to finish, and make closing on a new home simpler than it’s ever been,” explained Tom Mitchell, President and COO of TRI Pointe Group.

Their endeavors to create a seamless homebuying process was also recognized by Eliant. At the 2018 Eliant Homebuyers’ Choice Awards, many of their brands and divisions within, including TRI Pointe Homes and Pardee Homes, took home awards to curating an excellent homebuying experience for their customers.

For more information, visit tripointegroup.com.