Renewables Set to Become Cheapest and Most Efficient Way to Power Our Homes

Over the past decade renewable energy techniques have received a lot of attention, particularly solar, and for good reason too. The Bloomberg New Energy Finance has predicted that renewables will continue to improve in both efficiency and cost and will soon become the cheapest form of energy in a number of countries over the next 25 years. In many countries, solar power already costs around half the price of gas or coal, and significantly cheaper than wind energy too, so wouldn’t you swap if you could?  In those countries where fossil fuels are still very much dominating the market, renewable energy sources are expensive.  But, on average, solar power is now cheaper than ever and more and more large scale operations are appearing globally which helps in keeping costs down. The more renewable energy projects that are set up the cheaper this form of electricity will become for us all. Bloomberg New Energy Finance has also predicted that renewable energy will prevail over any other form of technology throughout most of the world without the need for any subsidies.