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Climate Action Through Sustainable Cities

Cities are the greatest challenge and opportunity to sustainability.

According to Forbes, to understand the issues we face in creating sustainable cities, that also provide their residents with a high standard of living, we need to first take stock of the current state of global urbanization. In 2010, the number of people living in cities was predicted to exceed 50% of the world’s population for the first time in history. And now, this rate has only been accelerating. Having taken most of human history to make it past the halfway mark, urban populations are expected to go beyond 68%, comfortably more than two-thirds, by 2050.

For CSR initiatives to positively impact sustainability, addressing the resource and energy consumption current urban models rely on can be an extremely effective approach. Although cities currently occupy only 3% of the landmass of the earth, they contribute about 60% of GDP, 70% of carbon emissions and more than 60% of resource use, globally. In my opinion, solving the sustainable cities challenge is the key to making our own civilization more eco-friendly. Let’s look at the solutions that CSR initiatives can champion to further the creation of sustainable cities.

Technology-focused CSR projects can be a key enabler of sustainability.

As with almost every great existential issue that humankind has been confronted with in the course of its evolution, and almost every great leap forward that we have made in response, innovation and technology will be the cornerstones of our successful transition to a sustainable world. In particular, reducing the carbon footprint of our cities can play a huge role in making them sustainable and helping to address the threat of climate change.

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