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Climate Tech is the Future

CEOs plan to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 through climate tech. 

According to NBC, Larry Fink said Monday he sees demand from investors to put their money in climate technology. “As an asset manager at the nexus between owners of capital and companies and assets we invest in on behalf of them, we see this playing out every day,” Fink said. “Asset owners are looking for investment opportunities that will come from this historic transition to net zero.”

Recently, Bill Gates publicly articulated his belief that there will be a significant amount of money made in climate tech. Gates, who is best known for co-founding Microsoft, invests in clean tech through his firm Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which also counts Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg and Ray Dalio as investors. “There will be eight Teslas, 10 Teslas,” Gates said in an interview that aired Wednesday as part of the virtual SOSV Climate Tech Summit. “There will be, you know, Microsoft, Google, Amazon-type companies that come out of this space.”

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