Commissioning SolarEdge has Never Been Easier

SolarEdge is changing the face of inverters with a major update to make commissioning quick and simple. We are moving away from the LCD programming experience to smartphones with SetApp. Activating and configuring SolarEdge inverters is now done directly through your smartphone using SetApp mobile application.

Visit the SetAppwebpage and read SetApp FAQsto learn more about the new benchmark for inverter commissioning. Scroll down for:

  • upgrades included in the rollout
  • SetApp video
  • webinar registration: February 21, 10AM Pacific
  • features comparison
  • ordering information and SetApp accessories cross-reference page
3 simple steps to get you ready for the update:

1) Download SetApp to your Android or iOS device

2) Confirm you can log into SetApp using your SolarEdge credentials. If you cannot log in, then:

3) Ask your company admin to add you to the account OR if you don’t have an account, register your company with SolarEdge here


Print this out ASAP!

Get your crews ready for the switch to SetApp by placing this bulletin in all high traffic areas so that your teams are ready for the transition.


Major updates included in the rollout:
  • SetApp, a new way to commission the inverter: With SetApp, commissioning and programming is in the palm of your hand — this smartphone application includes a system summary and automatically updates to the latest firmware.
  • Cellular Plug-In: With SetApp-enabled inverters, installers will need to order a new Cellular Plug-In communications card. The plug-in will be similar to our existing cellular solution, but with a new part number.
  • A cleaner look for inverter covers: Inverters supporting the new smartphone integration feature a cleaner looking cover with no LCD screen. Installers can still see the inverter status via the SetApp status screen, monitoring platform, or LEDs below the inverter. For LED status and system performance indications, click here.
  • Fewer SKUs = simplified inventory: Removing the LCD goes beyond aesthetics, it also simplifies inventory. The operating temperature range -40/-25 °C SKU distinction will no longer be required. All SetApp-enabled inverters will be -40 °C by default.
  • Inverter compatibility: New inverters with the new communication board and older models may be installed at the same site. If mixing models, the inverter with the new communication board should be defined as the master for the site.


Video: Inverter Commissioning with SetApp

To view this video, click here.


Join us for an upcoming webinar on SetApp:

Thursday February 21, 2019 10:00 AM Pacific

To register, click here.

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