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Creating Sustainable Homes With a Modern Design

Environmentally-focused designers are using smart home technology for modern design.

According to, long before there was such a thing as “influencers,” Interior Designers had influence over their client’s purchasing decisions. For environmentally-focused designers like Jo Alcorn, founder and principal of Alcorn Home Design & Build, smart home technology is part of the picture, in steering homeowners towards a sustainable future.

While Alcorn says that she’s “ been designing things since I was a kid,” sustainability has been a core principle since she launched her company in 2005. “ I think sustainability should be our everyday way of thinking. I only source sustainable products,” she says. That said, she recognizes that it can be hard for clients to add extra upfront costs into their budget. “ It can be a major sales pitch. ”

But she feels that things are changing. With smart home technology becoming more prevalent and growing concerns about rising energy costs, talking about energy conservation “ is becoming a very easy conversation,” says Alcorn, particularly with products such as the Wiser Energy Smart Home Monitor, which she finds “ sells itself.”

Wiser Energy Smart Home Monitoring System

“ I recently learned about the Wiser Energy Smart Home Monitor and I thought it sounded fabulous,” she says. At the first opportunity, she presented the system to a client who was equally enthusiastic and is installing it in their home. “ It was an easy sell once they saw what it could do,” says Alcorn. “ It’s like an Apple Watch for your house, monitoring its heartbeat and so on.”

The Wiser Energy Smart Home Monitor gives owners 24-hour a day monitoring of their household appliances, lighting, heating, and cooling systems, and more. The system provides real-time energy consumption data and the peace of mind that they can manage the system remotely. Worried you might have left the stove on? You can check via the app. You can also use the app to turn some lights on for added security wherever you are.

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