Eco-friendly Sparks Glencoe barn features recycled, local materials

Who says it’s not easy being green? Local contractor Polly Bart would say that not only is it easy, but the results are beautiful using local sustainable materials and helping to save the environment. Bart has put her professional know-how to use by building a barn on her property in the Sparks Glencoe area, where she lives. Her barn is constructed with natural materials, using salvaged trees, dirt and straw and making it a living laboratory that she proudly shows off. In the ’90s Bart had a construction company that built low-cost housing in Baltimore. She said she was disturbed by the impact that both residential and commercial construction were having on the local environment, which led to a turning point for her. “I had moved into the country and I was very concerned watching trees, one species after another, getting sick, frogs disappearing,” Bart said. “I could see invasive (species) coming in; I could see the changes happening fast.”