Los Angeles can be a daunting place – for residents as much as visitors. And finding what is sustainable in such a spread out region, even more so…though it’s actually everywhere.

With Greenbuild International Conference and Expo arriving for its first time in L.A. (Oct. 5-7), the hosting U.S. Green Building Council-Los Angeles Chapter (USGBC-LA) decided to help solve this one daunting issue for those visiting the city and the event, and for everyone who lives here, as well.
EcoMapLA has been created as the go-to, easy-to-use online resource for sustainable locations across Los Angeles, with drop-down menus to filter the map for L.A.’s Green Buildings, Green Businesses, and Iconic City Landmarks. Users may click on any location pin and up pops a description (with images), the address (with directions), and links to additional information (including the LEED scorecard), where available. The map is accessed on the home page of the USGBC-LA.

“We are so excited to launch EcoMapLA in conjunction with Greenbuild,” says Dominique Hargreaves, the USGBC-LA Executive Director. “An incredible amount of work and research has gone into making this resource thoroughly informative and inclusive across L.A. County, encouraging both residents and visitors to connect with the great number of sustainable spots that now cover the region.”

Users are able to explore the city with self-guided tours, transportation routes, and visitor information, all the way from iconic Muscle Beach in Venice to Columbia Square in Hollywood (LEED Gold) to Bikeshare (Grand/14th St.). Locations, though more sporadic, are also shown in the San Fernando Valley, the South Bay, South L.A. and the Inland Empire. These, and all L.A. County areas will continue to be filled in.

To celebrate and launch the brand new resource, USGBC-LA is offering a Selfie promotion to encourage exploring sustainable L.A. while offering a free pass to the Expo portion of Greenbuild. Users take a selfie at a location on EcoMapLA, post the image and location name as listed on EcoMapLA, and tag @USGBCLA on Twitter, or @U.S. Green Building Council Los Angeles Chapter on Facebook. USGBC-LA will respond with a code for the Expo pass, which is worth $150, in a direct message.

Veronica Flores and Marilyn Lampel, who lead L.A.’s Greenbuild Momentum Committee and spearheaded EcoMapLA, state, “This has been such a fun project to see grow and offer the only resource to every sustainable locale in L.A. We are continually updating this application so that it has the most current info available, so if we’re missing something, please contact us! We are grateful to concept3D for their technology in creating the map, and to all the countless volunteers who researched each site and corresponding information to date.”

Greenbuild, held in a different city each year, is the largest green building expo in the world, attracting over 30,000 global attendees.
To explore the EcoMapLA and participate in the selfie challenge, please click here, or visit USGBC-LA’s home page. For more information on EcoMapLA, the USGBC-LA chapter or Greenbuild, please contact Dominique Hargreaves: or 213-689-9707.

Julie Du Brow is the principal of dubroWORKS.