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Editor’s Note: January/February 2021

Dear Readers in Print and Online, 

Welcome to a brand new year! The first two months of 2021 bring a revitalized atmosphere as we take the last year in stride and use what we have learned to implement what matters most in the home.

The January/February issue of Green Home Builder provides an outlook for 2021, and one thing is resoundingly clear — healthy living should be a No. 1 priority. As Founder of Wellness Within Your Walls Jillian Pritchard Cooke says, “It’s time to elevate health, wellness and technology to be the silver lining to the meet changing needs of homeowners in the post-pandemic home.” 

Thankfully for us, green building and healthy living go hand in hand. Through the implentation of sustainable building practices, one can focus on important features like indoor air quality, energy-efficient lighting, and sustainable building materials. 

This month, our columns give you the latest information on what’s happening in the industry. PHIUS Communications Director Michael Knezovich provides information on PHIUS+ 2021, the new standard for passive building. Founder and President of Urban Habitat Initiatives Kim Vermeer and Principal of Raim + Associates Walker Wells explain how green practices can be used to make affordable homes for low-income families. 

For our GHB Interview this month, we have the new chairman of NAHB’s Sustainability and Green Building subcommittee, Brandon Bryant. Bryant not only shares some insight on his new position but provides some advice on how to approach green building.

People should take a holistic approach to green building, meaning we can’t focus on one sector like energy,” says Bryant. “ When you focus on health and comfort, energy-efficiency ultimately results from that.”

Bryant also shares that having a green certification can help tremendously when building an energy efficient home. Green certifications help set a standard of quality for builders, and as our communities show, can help set a steady foundation for so much more innovation. This month we feature: Golden Nugget Winner Celestina and Fetters Apartments; LEED Silver certified The Smith; and the multi-green certified Jasper.

As always, the Builder.Media team loves to find stories about passionate green home builders who are working on the latest and greatest in sustainable building. If you’re working on or have completed a project that you would like us to know more about, feel free to contact me at any time. Hopefully you had a happy and safe new year and let’s get to it!



Sophia Acevedo 

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