Editor’s Notes

Dear Readers,

As a publication that covers the homebuilding market, we think it’s an especially exciting time to be covering the green residential market. I remember the first few issues of Green Home Builder I did here at Pen Pub, it was quite arduous to find a green project that was not only certified, but also aesthetically pleasing. In the run-up to this issue, it feels as though green is becoming ubiquitous; more and more builders, from small to big, are joining the bandwagon. It’s the bandwagon to join, really; it benefits the homeowner, the builder’s reputation, and the environment—a triple win.

Unfortunately, ‘green’ amongst builders is still considered somewhat of a niche, but it seems to be on the right track to quickly becoming mainstream. Hopefully the switch will come sooner rather than later.

The housing market as a whole seems to be doing quite well, as many reputable news sources would report, such as Meyers and CoreLogic. One thing really driving the ‘green’ market is the millennials entering the housing market who are beginning to buy their first homes. And what are they requesting in these homes? The answer is energy-efficient and sustainable features. Consequently, homebuilders, at least the smart ones, are responding to this.

Anyway, welcome to our September/October issue of Green Home Builder magazine, the penultimate issue of this year. Where did the time go?

This issue features three different builders across the nation, in addition to an update to our ABC Green Home project in California. Although each builder builds to high marks, in fact many to LEED, I must say I’m very impressed by Minto Communities works, specifically because of what ‘green’ means to them. Vice President of Minto Communities, Steve Svopa, defines green for Minto as “a lifestyle approach to community planning and development.” In other words, it is about completely immersing nature, a healthy lifestyle, and plentiful of active amenities, in addition to green construction and energy-efficient features in a community. It’s truly impressive and we thank them for letting us showcase their master planned community, Harbour Isle, in this issue.

My team and I are very excited about this issue; we’ll be showcasing it at this year’s Greenbuild 2016, hosted in Los Angeles during the first week of October. We’d like to give a special thanks to the incoming CEO of US Green Build Council, the official partner for Greenbuild 2016, Mahesh Ramanujam. Turn to the back of the magazine to hear his professional insight on what it means to be green in 2016 and how the energy efficiency fad has changed how we approach homebuilding.

As always, many thanks to our readers, contributors, and advertisers.


Sergio Flores

Assistant Editor