The Evolution of Home Building

The newly launched Modern Collection by Everett Custom Homes embraces elegance and efficiency

By Carina Calhoun
Photography by FOUSPhoto

Creating environmentally-friendly homes that emphasize modern design features—that can pose a challenge for homeowners on the hunt. Recent reports from indicate the home value of modern designs increasing by 37.4 percent since 2012. To deliver timeless craftsmanship and the evolving design preferences of today, Portland-based Everett Custom Homes recently launched its Modern Collection.

In collaboration with its in-house design team, firsttime local partner Ann Sacks, as well as continued Oregon-based partners Paulson’s Flooring and Parr Lumber, Everett Custom Homes’ new collection will showcase a contemporary style with modern luxury elements including: unique Ann Sacks tile applications to be featured throughout the kitchen backsplash, powder baths and laundry rooms; long, sweeping windows for maximum natural light; sleek waterfall kitchen countertops; modern floating bathroom vanities, and bold cedar exterior siding accents. “Our Everett Custom Homes team is constantly adapting to the market landscape, and it’s clear that homeowners are becoming more and more drawn to simplicity in form and design,” commented Vic Remmers Everett Custom Homes president and owner. “They want to live in a home that’s as bold and sleek as it is warm and inviting. Our new Modern Home Collection is reflective of these changing preferences, showcasing open floor plans, natural lighting, and a multitude of contemporary design details.”

The homes were completed in April 2017 and were officially on the market with prices ranging from $300,000 for six-plex options to $850,000 for single family detached home designs. The Modern Collection initially included options for two single family detached, two duplex, and one six-plex home design.

As a part of the collection’s initial launch, there are currently a total of four single-family modern homes built, three of which have already sold. In addition to this collection’s contemporary design, the homes are especially unique in their environmentally-friendly construction features. Each modern home is certified at a Gold or Platinum level through a third-party energy certification nonprofit organization, Earth Advantage. From the homes’ locally sourced building materials and high-performance Energy Star appliances to their electric car charging stations, the Modern Home Collection prepares buyers to lead eco-friendly lives throughout their years of home ownership.

“We worked together with our in-house design team to create these beautiful modern homes,” said Remmers. “We came to the team with an idea of what we were thinking and they took it from there, creating two wonderful designs. It is a real advantage for us to have the owner, developer, designer, and contractor under one ‘roof’ at Everett Custom Homes. This ensures that each aspect of a project is executed seamlessly from start to finish and results in a more successful outcome.”

Delivering homes with exceptionally design detail came with its challenges. According to Remmers, the city of Portland has an extremely challenging design code, making it difficult to provide a great exterior elevation. “We worked tirelessly on the new designs and went through many revisions along the way to finally get the perfect home. In addition, we incorporated new design details and features that required additional input and attention from our vendor partners to ensure superior execution,” explained Remmers. These designs incorporated flat roof conditions, elevated concrete decks, waterfall quartz on the kitchen islands, metal, cable, and glass railings, as well as a number of other features.

Currently, Portland is facing a significant housing shortage and these multi-unit living options are a great solution in that they provide increased housing opportunities at a more affordable price point with the same modern design aesthetic that homebuyers are drawn to right now. Remmers said, “Our target buyers are community-driven families and individuals of all types, typically preferring a minimalist lifestyle in one of Portland’s walkable neighborhoods – whether they’re moving here from out of state or relocating within the metro area.”

The clean lines, modern elements, and energy efficient features create a combination of desire for homebuyers today. As Everett’s Modern Collection brings new life to the Portland housing market, Remmers stated, “Our new Modern Home Collection allows Everett to stand out amongst other Portland-based homebuilders in that it shows our dedication and willingness to evolve with the times. While our team is well known for our timeless craftsman homes, we didn’t want to rest on our laurels. Our goal is to grow with the city, and this collection provides a great opportunity to do just that.”

Carina Calhoun is the Editor-at-Large for Green Home Builder magazine. She may be reached at