Insight Homes Disrupts the Marketplace


Green Builder Profile: Insight Homes

Insight Homes is based on two founding principles. One is ensuring the customer understands the advantages of a better designed and better built home. Through online educational videos, marketing collateral, partnerships with manufacturers, awards and more, the customer is constantly being given pathways to develop a deep understanding of what it means to live in a home by Insight. Additionally, the homebuilder incorporates a Science Center — where every other homebuilder has a sales center, they have a science center. The Science Center reveals a hands-on approach with every part of the efficient building elements on display and explains how each play a part in the overall home performance and comfort level.

As one of the only known builders with a building scientist on staff, the company’s various products and building techniques are constantly being measured to provide the most comfortable, healthy environment with the best return on investment for the homeowner.

Insight takes into account lighting, water, air quality, insulation, windows, site conditions, local climate, space heating and cooling, and more.

For instance, most homebuyers don’t know that indoor air quality is four to five times worse than outdoor air quality, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Every Insight home includes a central vacuum system that exhausts outdoors. A MERV-13 filter with a surface area 20 times of a standard filter, takes 97 percent of dust and allergens out of the air with an access panel in the interior of the wall.

The second principle comes from the company itself. Building homes that are healthier is part of Insight Homes’ culture. “The key to our success as a green homebuilder is mindset and culture,” explained Rob Elliott, President of Insight Homes. “Every part of our fiber, every part of our people, everyone — it’s how we think.”

After previously being part of communities with other builders or within communities that have already been developed, Insight has recently started developing their own communities — with two 300- lot projects expected to open this year.

“We are definitely a green homebuilder, but we are not green solely for the fact it helps the environment — yes, we love that — but it’s more about the return on investment with everything we do,” explains Elliott. “If it costs more for a customer to own or use, then we’re not accomplishing our goals.”

With a homebuilding process using guidelines of the Department of Energy, multiple building science companies and the American Lung Association, Insight Homes plans to continue to provide the most efficient and healthy homes in the Mid-Atlantic in hopes to disrupt the status quo of the larger production builders in the nation. “We will continue to apply pressure in the area through our sales to disrupt the area in terms of making other builders have to up their game.”

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