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How Biden’s New Plan Affects Green Home Building

President Biden’s new infrastructure plan has the possibility to make some waves in the green home building industry.

Along with funding for infrastructure repair, the American Jobs Plan, which was announced last week during a press conference in Pennsylvania, allocated a specific amount of funds to go towards homebuilding and refitting.

The legislation plans to allocate $213 billion in investments to build, preserve and retrofit more than two million homes and commercial buildings. The plan specifically calls for these new and retrofit developments to focus on being affordable, accessible and energy-efficient.

This legislation comes during a hot housing market, where there are home shortages and increasing prices.

In addition, the plan also recognized the need to bolster private investment in energy efficient building and retrofitting.

The American Jobs Plan calls for the establishing of a $27 billion Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator to try and galvanize those efforts.

In addition, according to a Forbes article by Natalie Campisi, “Biden plans to…call on union trade workers to focus their efforts on upgrading homes to make them more energy efficient to save households money.”

The climate aspects of the American Jobs Plan are consistent with the Biden-Harris administration’s immediate priorities, as published on the official White House website.

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