Ivey Builds A Better Home

An award-winning focus on affordable quality and energy-efficiency

By Abby Pittman

In 2004, brothers Mark and Matt Ivey decided to combine their extensive experience in engineering and real estate to form their own company: Ivey Homes. Today, Ivey Homes is spreading rapidly across the states of Georgia and South Carolina, thanks in part to the incredible number of floor plans and energy-efficient features available for their beautiful, modern homes.

The wide range of properties that Ivey Homes offers is one of their keys to success in a highly competitive market. Through data research, the Ivey Homes team has been able to identify gaps in the market they have leapt to fill. Ivey’s master-planned communities of apartments, townhomes, and single-family homes, appeal to a broad cross-section of potential buyers.

“Ivey Homes looks for opportunities in the local market,” explained Matt Ivey, co-founder of Ivey Homes. “Gaps in the market are seen through analysis in the permit and sold data. Ivey Homes strives to find products that fit those gaps. This has proved successful with our townhome and apartment products for example.”

To learn more, view the January/February 2019 issue of Green Home Builder Magazine.