LEED-Certified Residences Are Growing in Popularity

Highly sought after, green certified residences can offer both efficient and luxury living.

According to Inman, of course, there’s an economic incentive to having a LEED-certified home. Energy-efficient lighting, heating, and appliances reduce bills, as do water collection, containment, and recycling systems. Homes that generate electric power may even be able to sell excess energy back to the grid. As a result, a LEED-certified home is a wise short- and long-term investment.

Along with reducing contribution to global climate change, protecting and restoring water resources, preserving and enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services, and promoting sustainable and regenerative material cycles, one of the main goals of LEED is to increase the quality of life for people and communities. Health- and eco-conscious buyers are aware of this and modify their home searches accordingly.

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