LEED Gold Cities Like Miami Lead on Climate Resilience

A recent conference allowed leaders in the greater Miami area to share climate solutions with the world.

The Aspen Ideas climate conference, held in Miami Beach from March 6 to 9, brought together leaders from diverse sectors to collaborate and inspire ingenuity around solutions to the global climate crisis. The three Florida jurisdictions that make up greater Miami and “the Beaches”—Miami, Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County, have each certified at the Gold level under the LEED for Cities rating system, and this event was an opportunity for them to showcase to the world their leadership on sustainability and resilience.

Climate planning by necessity

The region is one of the most vulnerable to climate change in the world; sea level rise, extreme heat and strong tropical storms are everyday threats. As Mayor Francis Suarez, City of Miami, noted in his remarks, “We don’t have the luxury of pretending climate change doesn’t affect us.”

All three mayors representing Miami, Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County took center stage to share elements of their coordinated Resilient 305 strategy, including updates about their recent work on innovation accelerators, green jobs creation, extreme heat action planning and support for low-income communities affected by climate gentrification.

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