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Lennox Industries Debuts Market-Leading Products

RICHARDSON, TexasJune 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Lennox Industries, a trusted HVAC brand for 125 years, is raising the bar on its Ultimate Comfort System by unveiling a 99 percent efficient gas furnace with enhanced diagnostics, and a new Lennox PROs Service Dashboard for contractors to improve customer relationship management and remote service capabilities.

Following years of research, development and technological innovation, Lennox engineered the Dave Lennox Signature Collection model SLP99V gas furnace, which functions at 99 percent Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This means the furnace essentially converts every last bit of energy it uses into heating the home – a never-before-seen achievement.

The SLP99V gas furnace is compatible with Lennox’ full line of iComfort smart home thermostats, which enables homeowners and contractors, through secure homeowner access permissions, to conveniently control comfort levels, save energy and properly maintain the HVAC system. And, through incredible feats of engineering, the SLP99V’s SilentComfortTM technology minimizes sound output while maintaining impressive power, making it the quietest furnace on the market.

“We constantly challenge ourselves to provide homeowners and contractors with the best of the best, and we achieved this with the SLP99V furnace and LennoxPros Service Dashboard,” said John Whinery, VP of Product Management, Lennox International Residential HVAC. “The furnace’s variable-speed fan and modulating heat quietly ramps up and down to provide the perfect amount of clean, comfortable air while minimizing energy use. Its digital communications capability enables it to work more precisely with the air conditioner, air purification system and smart thermostat, and provide diagnostics and prognostics to help contractors better tune, repair and predict when service is needed. These products demonstrate our continual commitment to the pursuit of perfect air in the home and achieving the highest level of customer service and operational efficiency for our contractors.”

In addition to its unparalleled efficiency – which earned it ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient of 2020 – the furnace offers Precise Comfort Technology modulating airflow and heating from 35 percent to 100 percent. This provides the perfect amount of warm, cool or clean air to the home while using up to two-thirds less energy to circulate the air.

The furnace’s new remote diagnostic capabilities and digital system with Wi-Fi connectivity enable the contractor to tune the system for optimal comfort at the time of installation and monitor it throughout its life to ensure the homeowner consistently receives the best comfort. With the homeowner’s permission, the contractor can remotely control, monitor or troubleshoot the system from a mobile device or personal computer through the updated Service Dashboard.

“Within the current climate of technological innovation, we are moving the needle toward a smarter HVAC system and a more digitally connected contractor,” said Quan Nguyen, Vice President and General Manager, Lennox Industries. “The industry-leading furnace and LennoxPros Service Dashboard upgrades are only the start of new product launches that will provide higher levels of comfort, energy savings, convenience for homeowners and improved customer service and increased competitiveness for our dealers.”

An integral part of the e-Commerce tool, the Service Dashboard enables contractors to easily access service and training manuals and find and order repair parts. This greatly improves customer service capabilities and a businesses’ operational efficiency and gives homeowners the peace of mind that their system is running as intended.

Both the award-winning SLP99V and iComfort smart thermostat with the redesigned Service Dashboard feature are now available on These products are key components within Lennox’ Ultimate Comfort System. The best just got better.

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