EcoView Homes Pushes The Limits of Luxury & Sustainability

With over 30+ years of combined construction experience, EcoView Homes is passionate about creating high-quality homes with energy efficiency as a key priority. Mike Smith, one of the developers of EcoView Homes, explains why they started the company: “We were not satisfied with the level of home typically delivered to the consumer. It seemed that most builders dressed homes up with high base boards and large windows, but energy efficiency was glossed over. This really makes no sense, since you can greatly increase the efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint per home for a minimal cost. This would more than pay for itself for the homeowner in monthly utility cost savings.” EcoView continues to deliver cutting edge green energy features such as Geothermal Energy, spray foam, LED lighting, water sense fixtures, low E double pain argon gas filled windows, and high efficiency HVAC units.


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