HomeWork: Bright ideas that can lower energy consumption

There’s one lighting trend that has taken off in recent years: the Edison bulb. These vintage light bulb reproductions are reminiscent of an earlier time when complicated, winding filaments produced a warm yellow, even reddish, hue. Popular in rustic or traditionally styled homes, these light bulbs in their original form will certainly add to your energy bill. Luckily, there are plenty of LED versions on the market today that don’t produce excess heat and use much less energy. They look just as stylish and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can even find some with a three-year warranty — something you definitely can’t get with a traditional light bulb. Remember, no matter the technology or bulb you use, the end of a product’s lifecycle is just as important as when it’s plugged in. Those corkscrew shaped CFL light bulbs may last much longer than an old incandescent, but they contain small amounts of mercury that should not be disposed of in your trash bin. Find a local recycling site online and take the time to dispose of them properly.