Maintaining Achievement In Energy Efficiency

D.R. Horton maintains its title of Top Homebuilder for 20 years

Builder of the year, D.R. Horton closed 81,965 homes in 2021. Operated out of Arlington, Texas and in 32 states, CEO David V. Auld leads the home building company through “a value-first dedication to the individual needs of each and every one of our nation’s homebuyers,” as stated on the D.R. Horton website. Each home being tailored to one’s specific needs means for a truly personalized experience.

The cherry on top of D.R. Horton’s annual achievement is the 2021 ENERGY STAR Residential Construction Market Leader Award given to D.R. Horton-Phoenix. This award is given to partners that have built or verified an outstanding number of ENERGY STAR certified homes.

Along with this award are many green features incorporated within the homes in more places than just Phoenix, Ariz. Energy efficient HVAC systems, R-30 insulation in attics and vaulted areas, freeze resistant hose bibs and double pane, Low-E white vinyl windows are just a few of the green features that the company’s homes have to offer.

Additional features that D.R. Horton homes come with are one-wire connectivity, hands-free communication, integrated geofencing technology and multi-platform wireless technology which can all be controlled via a single application.

Under the umbrella of D.R. Horton is Freedom Homes, Emerald Homes and Express Homes. All of which bring something different to the table. Introduced in 2016, Freedom Homes offers low-maintenance homes with the most current in energy efficiency for active adults in 9 states. In terms of luxury, the company has Emerald Homes, joining the team in 2001 and operating in 5 states. Looking for something more affordable? Don’t worry, D.R. Horton has it all with Express Homes which is both affordable and offers energy efficient features in 20 states since 2014.

These recent years have not been easy on the home building industry and D.R. Horton was no stranger to them. “We have continued to experience significant disruptions in our supply chain, including shortages and delivery delays in certain building materials along with tightness in the labor market,”  Founder and Chairman of the Board, Donald R. Horton, shared in the company’s fourth quarter report. 

“D.R. Horton completed its 20th consecutive year as the largest homebuilder in the United States.” – Donald R. Horton, Founder and Chairman of the Board

“Housing market conditions remain very robust, with homebuyer demand exceeding our current capacity to deliver homes across most of our markets,” said Horton in a release on fourth quarter earnings. Despite these rocky conditions, D.R. Horton continued to tread, bringing their grand total of homes built to over 890,000 on the latter end of 2021. 

The company responded to the delays in production and transportation by intentionally restricting home sales pace by selling homes later in the construction cycle. By doing this, the builder is able to align them with production levels and better ensure the certainty of home close dates for homebuyers. They will continue to restrict, at a lesser rate, for at least the beginning of 2022 to ensure timely results and customer satisfaction.

These delays didn’t stop D.R. Horton from finishing the year off strong with record homes closed in the month of September. Horton also shared that D.R. Horton completed its 20th consecutive year as the largest homebuilder in the United States.

Looking into 2022, D.R. Hoton plans “to maintain our disciplined approach to investing capital to enhance the long-term value of our company, including returning capital to our shareholders through both dividends and share repurchases on a consistent basis.” The home building company remains adaptable and responsive in a time of need.

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