A Nationals’ Silver award-winner, Mirabella is an active adult community in Bradenton, Fl. that makes it easy for residents to cultivate sustainable, healthy, and energy-efficient lifestyles

By Dani Neiley

In areas of the country with tropical or humid climates that stay humid all year round, residential energy bills can quickly become expensive. Building green can make it easier on homeowners when it comes time to crank up the air conditioning.

Mirabella, an active lifestyle community in Bradenton, Fla. for adults 55 and over, built its 160 homes with energy efficiency in mind. In fact, the community as a whole has been LEED Platinum Certified. It’s award winning, too: Mirabella won Silver at the NAHB Nationals, and they’re currently nominated for Gold for Best Green/Sustainable Home Design. The results will be announced at the Nationals, held at the upcoming International Builder Show in early January.

For an area in the state of Florida, this feat of energy efficiency has resounding impacts.
“Mirabella will use 40 percent less energy than those built to local energy codes,” according to a local newspaper, the Bradenton Herald. “The homes will also have cleaner indoor air, be quieter and more comfortable.” Along with LEED certification, Mirabella homes are also ENERGY STAR® and HERS certified. Each home features ENERGY STAR® appliances, alongside EPA WaterSense faucets, toilets, showers, and irrigation controllers. All of these features help the homes in the community to significantly reduce water consumption, without any reduction in the overall performance of these features.

Each home in Mirabella has a HERS Index Score of 62-64, and building products used during construction were selected based on their environmental and local-source considerations. Marshall Gobuty, Developer of Mirabella, mentioned an extensive list: “masonry products with 30 percent fly ash; flooring with “Green Label Plus” (very low emission); recycled content drywall, low VOC on all paint and sealants, “finger joint” interior trim (recycled wood); recycled fiberglass insulation,” and many more, including Core Foam Masonry Foam Insulation, Therma-Tru entry doors, and ENERGY STAR® Low-E double-pane vinyl windows.

There’s truly too many energy-efficient features to name, which just goes to demonstrate Mirabella’s commitment to helping its residents live in highly energy efficient homes, allowing them to save money on their utility bills.