4 reasons why modular is more sustainable than traditional construction

It is widely recognized that modular has the potential to reduce overall construction programs. In most cases, while onsite ground works are being completed, building modules are being manufactured in a controlled, factory environment.  This means a large portion of works are completed simultaneously, reducing the building program from the outset. Once modules are delivered to site – pre-fitted with electrics, plumbing, heating, doors, windows and internal finishes – they are carefully craned into position on prepared foundations. This is a key driver for education facilities where disruption to staff and pupils needs to be kept to a minimum. Offsite construction is up to 50% quicker than traditional[2] – buildings can be created onsite in timeframes as short as just four weeks. Offsite construction can reduce up to 90% of waste generated when compared with traditional construction methods[3].  Some modular buildings are now manufactured using recyclable material from other projects.