Net Zero 2017 Conference Keynote Speaker Kevin de León Receives Standing Ovation

The state of California is aiming for all new residential construction to achieve Zero Net Energy standards by 2020. As the changes to Title 24 take effect in a little over two years, now is a key time to ensure people have all of the right information so as to implement changes. To meet that need, meet the Net Zero 2017: Energy + Water + Waste conference, which was hosted by the Verdical Group at IBEW NECA’s Net Zero Plus facility on Thursday, August 24.

The conference –  now in it’s fourth year –  drew a world class collection of presenters and exhibitors. Visionaries, industry leaders, and companies helping to achieve the ZNE goal like Premier Sponsor Southern California Edison and Event Sponsor SoCalGas (who participated in a round table panel, fielding questions from the crowd on how they plan to adapt to a ZNE future) were all well represented.

The first Keynote Speaker Kevin de León, President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate, addressed the audience of energy-conscious building industry professionals to round out the morning session of presentations.

De León, the author of much of California’s renewable energy and environmental protection regulations (which are regarded by environmental groups as exemplary), delivered an invigorating speech expounding California’s world-wide influence as a driving force of the green energy sector. He pulled no punches when it came to denouncing those in Washington who are disinclined to heed the scientific community’s repeated warnings about carbon emissions. Clearly in good company, his comments were well-received by the crowd, so much so that they gave him a standing ovation as he wrapped up his comments.

Speakers from all areas of green development presented on topics like passive house and solar technologies. Exhibitors ran the gamut from capitol companies to product manufacturers, and, as 2020 grows ever nearer, one can only expect the collection of companies invested in ZNE and conferences like this to grow.

Check back through twitter with #NZ17 to check out the dialogue from the show and be sure to keep an eye out for the date and locale of next year’s event to be part of the conversation.

Listen to De León’s full speech below.