New energy efficient condos planned for Brush Park

This last year has seen a lot of change in Brush Park. Bedrock has started construction on City Modern, which will add a mix of architectural styles in 400+ residential units over the next few years. The Scott at Brush Park has recently opened, adding over 200 apartments to the corner of Woodward and Erskine. Smaller renovations are underway on townhouses in the neighborhood. One new addition could break ground this spring and add more options for those looking for condos in the area. Michael Kelemen and his wife have been working on this project for about four years. In that time, they’ve gone back and forth over funding, various city commissions, neighborhood groups, and permitting. It’s not easy for smaller developers. But they’re finally nearing the starting point to build four condos in one multi-family building on a double lot on Eliot. These will be a lot different than other condo options in the city, but they’ll run at about the same price.