New Urbanism at NorthWest Crossing

Developed by West Bend Property Company, NorthWest Crossing is a master-planned community where each of the 1,500 unit homes is certified green by a third party, exceeding energy-efficient standards

By Sergio Flores

In the making since 2001 by developer West Bend Property Company, NorthWest Crossing in Bend, Ore. is a master-planned community featuring approximately 1,500 dwelling units, including detached single-family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments—with each unit certified green by either ENERGY STAR, Earth Advantage, LEED, and even some the region’s very first Zero Net Energy homes.

West Bend Property partnered with Brooks Resources Corporation and Tennant Family Limited Partnership for NorthWest Crossing. With both companies based in Bend, Ore., each had a rooted understanding of the City of Bend and central Oregon’s lifestyle, wanting NorthWest Crossing to be an authentic representation of the area’s growth of new urbanism developments.
Rich in variety and character, the community’s architecture ranges from Craftsman to Tudor Revival, Colonial to American, Four Square and Prairie. Designs achieve authenticity with architecture and landscape designs derived from local native cultures and the legacy of Western settlement and resource use. The community’s distinguishing factor, though, lies in its exceptional green building and unique business model.

Since its inception, the backbone of the community was sustainability: a building approach that immersed the environment, considered it, and delivered a product that was energy-efficient and mindful of its surrounding.

For West Bend Property Company, sustainable development included: resourcing efficient building materials from framing to finished work, including the incorporation of recycled materials; indoor air quality via less toxic construction materials and floor covers, in addition to air filtration systems and controlled fresh air ventilation; environmentally responsible building practices, such as naturescaping, using less toxic outdoor wood, water efficiency, and proper disposal of construction materials; energy efficiency via improved duct sealing, high efficiency windows and heating systems, efficient lighting and appliances, shade trees and maximizing naturescaping; and much more.

“Because we’ve been a leader in building green and clean features in homes, we promote using healthy products,” said Sandy Garner, founder of Harcourts The Garner Group Real Estate. “It’s definitely moved the green movement into Bend in a big way.”