Publisher’s Notes

Hello Readers in print and online, a very happy Christmas to you,

A most interesting 2016 is almost in the books. A tumultuous presidential election, with an unexpected result, may turn out well for the U.S. housing market and potentially for aspiring homeowners, as well.

Our president-elect is suspicious about climate change, or at least the reasons behind it. However, he is apparently not closed-minded and has reached out to democrat Al Gore and others who have a definite opinion on the subject, which gives us pause and hope for a measured approach that might yet allow us to retain a lot of what has been done and legislated so far, while perhaps modifying some other regulations that allow business to operate, and in some cases, recover.

Here in the nanny state of California we are now but one code cycle away from a Net-Zero reality for new housing, scheduled to become mandatory in 2020. Currently less than 1 percent of the state’s housing stock is Net-Zero. This is going to require a complete rethinking of how you design and construct homes or apartments. It starts with walls and ceilings, and with guys like John Morton from ConSol and John Gillet from Energy Advisors talking to your teams. The Wellness Within Your Walls program, founded and led by the Interior Design Professional Jillian Pritchard Cooke, adopts a more holistic approach to indoor air quality concerns and provides levels of programming that are reflected in the New American Dream Home project on view at the upcoming IBS show in Orlando next month, and in our own ABC Green Home Project, too.

The great news is there are a lot of clever, educated HERS raters and green energy consultants who can help your team. Remember folks: what happens in California takes about three years to migrate across the country, so this train is headed your way, too. We have discovered over the past five years of building our own Net-Zero ABC Green Demonstration Homes that the building industry supply side is completely on board already. Every single component you require to tell your own story and create your own sustainable programming is already here, today. We build beautiful, Net- Zero, LEED homes using our advertisers’ materials – nothing made from ‘unobtanium’ included. The eighth home in our project will also be our first comprehensive remodel. Using 92 percent new construction, we will create a 1,910 square foot Net-Zero home at high elevation, using our advertiser-sourced materials, with a design created by our team and independently certified by six agencies. We will be sharing the details of the design, technology, and construction, as well as sharing our costs, within these pages and on the project’s website at We will create videos, and, using BIM, share the creation of all of the systems in our home: architectural, civil, structural, MEP, smart home, and landscape. I hope you stay tuned and participate.

This is our annual Pubby Awards issue. We recognize some standout individuals, projects, and teams. We also share your Building Materials Brand Preference Survey winners. Congratulations to all of our honorees this year.
Volume 11 of GHB is in the books. I would like to say a big thank you to each of our terrific advertisers who make the magazine possible. Please consider these great firms when you make your own selections. Thanks also to each of our contributors who have shared their ideas within these pages all year. Most especially I would like thank you for your readership and support. Our team appreciates the opportunity your subscription provides. We hope you continue to enjoy the magazine, it’s website at, and the ABC Green Home Project.
We wish yourself, your colleagues, and your families a peaceful and joyful Christmas, and a healthy and prosperous new year. As we say at home in Ireland: Go maire an blessings an tséasúir a bheith ar tú, agus ar mian leo tú síochánta agus sásta Nollag, Sláinte ag.