Red Fox Crossing Brings Net Zero Living to Wisconsin

With modern cottage-style homes boasting efficient solar arrays, Tim O’Brien Homes is bringing energy efficiency

By Brianna Fries

When Tim O’Brien Homes was created in 2007, the company had a goal in mind, which was that their operations would be dedicated to creating homes where green building was the standard, rather than an option. After being in business for five years, they came up with a 10-year plan with one of their major goals being the creation of a net zero community. This goal is in the process of reaching completion with the development of Red Fox Crossing.

The opportunity to develop Red Fox Crossing came when Neumann Companies, a partner of Tim O’Brien Homes, realized that if they utilized the space along the North/South roadways in one of their neighborhoods, it would allow homes to be built that utilized side elevation sun exposure for solar power. With their 10-year plan in mind, Tim O’Brien homes took the opportunity and ran with it.

“Tim O’Brien Homes has always been a leading builder in energy efficiency,” explained Craig North, Vice President of Tim O’Brien Homes. “[We] modified specifications to reduce energy loads to a level at which a solar array could fully offset the homes’ electrical consumption in our homes.”

To learn more, view the January/February 2019 issue of Green Home Builder Magazine.