Tenant education key to improve energy efficiency in affordable housing, stakeholders say

In April, the Environment and Energy Commission proposed a required minimum level of energy efficiency in properties around Columbia. On Tuesday night, the commission hosted a public forum to hear ways to improve the state of energy use in Columbia from experts and community members. Jan Dye, chairperson of the Environment and Energy Commission, planned the event in order to receive community feedback before moving on with the proposal. When the plan was presented, City Council requested the commission consult stakeholders and create a more specific report, according to previous Missourian reporting.  About 75 people attended the forum. Dye was pleased with the turnout. The meeting was held in hopes of finding fresh ideas through community members. Columbia Apartment Association member DJ Dometorch was concerned the proposal could possibly hold rental homes to a stricter standard than other properties. He hoped the energy standards would be the same for all property owners in neighborhoods and not just those who are landlords.