The GHB Interview: Scot Horst, CEO of Arc Skoru, Inc.

Scot Horst is the current CEO of Arc Skoru, Inc. and the former chief product officer of the USGBC. We caught up with him to discuss how Arc Skoru is helping aid the green building movement

GREEN HOME BUILDER: In your opinion, why is sustainable building so essential?

SCOT HORST: This is a question about the human spirit. I believe that it is in our nature to always improve and seek to be greater in some way. For me, buildings that live up to their potential is just part of our nature. It is essential because our shelter is human shelter, and the human spirit is full of hope and potential.


GHB: Tell us a little bit about your company Arc Skoru, Inc.

SH: Arc Skoru is a company that was formed to support the missions of USGBC and GBCI through technology. Our mission is to connect actions that improve quality of life. Arc uses data to measure what is actually happening in your building or place. We use that data to create a score, but we also share the metrics that we use to create the score; for example, the carbon associated with your project, the water, waste, and how satisfied people are. Our focus at Arc is a score that allows everyone to compare how they are doing relative to themselves and to all others at a global scale. Our vision is a score of 0-100 for every building and community, and we are really about connections.

We want your building to know how its grid impacts its emissions. We want people in the building to know how the building and the grid impact their health. We want the community to know how its buildings impact its transportation and so on and on. We are at the very beginning of our work.


GHB: How do you see the green building movement developing over the next few years, and where do you see as Arc’s role in that growth?

SH: Have you ever heard about the seventh wave in the ocean? It is usually the largest wave. I believe that the seventh wave of our work is digital and I believe that Arc will lead that wave. In one year, we have over one billion square feet, 14 million metric tons of carbon we’re tracking, 20 billion gallons of water, and over 250 million people in those buildings. The future of the green building movement is about those numbers changing.


GHB: How did your experience at USGBC help prepare you for your new role with Arc?

SH: My professional life has been devoted to LEED because I have seen how it has profoundly changed people and projects all around the world. The Arc platform is an early version of a digital LEED. The more we can use data to measure the outcomes of what we think should be happening, the less documentation we need to have. Let data become the documentation. And this in turn allows people to focus on what matters: High performing green buildings! Arc, right now, is for ongoing performance only, but we will build a design version and so much more. It is a very exciting time.


GHB: You helped guide the establishment of LEED and are clearly still heavily involved with its ongoing development. What do you think the next steps are for the system?

SH: The future is digital. We are making sense out of data and using it across Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation, and Human Experience. You see it now in LEED O+M v.4.1. It is all LEED, but it is powered by Arc. This is just the beginning.


GHB: What will Arc be focusing and working towards for the rest of 2018?

SH: Our focus right now is broadening the tent. Arc is free for anyone who has a LEED project from any time, at any point, registered or certified. We can use the system to get all the buildings in that would never certify. We want every school, every university, every government building, every data center, and on and on.

Our focus is to become the global platform that helps people know whether what they are doing is working through data and a score. We are on a global mission of health. LEED is the diet book and the health guide. Arc Skoru is the scale telling us all whether what we’re doing is working or not.


A Final Thank You From Horst: I want to sincerely thank the Los Angeles Chapter of USGBC and Dominique Hargreaves for inviting me to their fantastic Municipal Green Building Conference & Expo 2018 summit. The future of California and all places is based on the survival of our species and the thriving of all life for all time.