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The Rise of Sustainable Homes

In 2022, new home construction will see the rise of new sustainability-focused movements.

According to Appraisal Buzz, architects, designers and construction leaders have all been searching for ways to meet the immense demand for housing amid today’s challenges. The result is surprisingly beneficial for the environment and consumers.

For example, cities are beginning to adopt materials reclamation policies. These laws require certain buildings to be deconstructed rather than demolished so valuable materials can be reused.

Reclaimed products are helpful for the environment and allow construction companies to dodge supply chain shortages, particularly for lumber. For example, the Kendeda Building at the Georgia Institute of Technology was built in part using 25,000 linear feet of reclaimed lumber from film sets around Atlanta.

In addition to utilizing valuable reclaimed materials, construction companies are exploring the frontiers of building technology. The world’s largest 3D printed neighborhood will break ground in Austin, Texas, in 2022. 3D printed construction has been on the rise for several years now, but 2022 is poised to be the year the technology truly takes off.

Additive manufacturing is better for the environment than traditional construction, and it’s also faster. 3D printed construction minimizes materials usage and creates less damage and waste than conventional methods. The houses in Austin can be built in a matter of days, complete with solar panels on the roofs. This kind of speed could help meet surging housing demand if Austin’s 2022 project goes smoothly.

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