USGBC Makes Cities Central to Climate Correction

USGBC is helping cities reach global goals in an effort to fight climate change.

According to USGBC, USGBC is an official NGO observer at the Conference of Parties in 2021, COP26, and is sending a delegation to the event from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12 in Glasgow, Scotland. The theme of this COP is “Net Zero by 2050,” and the conference goals include countries putting forward ambitious targets for 2030, enabling adaptation for ecosystems and for people, mobilizing finance from developed countries, finalizing the Paris Rulebook that makes the agreement operational and accountable, and increasing public-private collaboration.

LEED for Cities helps local leaders create responsible, sustainable and specific plans for natural systems, energy, water, waste, transportation, land use and many other factors that contribute to quality of life.

The environmental challenges facing cities large and small around the world are complex and multifaceted, and do not recognize political boundaries. Local leaders and stakeholders need our support to make the necessary commitments and investments, and to achieve the outcomes we need to make our cities more resilient and healthy places for all of us.

At USGBC, we’re deploying LEED for Cities to help leaders credibly track progress toward overall sustainability objectives and to allow for comparison with others around the world.

LEED for Cities is a comprehensive framework and certification program for sustainability that takes into account extensive local government experience and engagement with diverse stakeholders. The program is globally applicable, yet locally relevant, and it aligns with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Nearly 160 cities and counties of all shapes and sizes across the globe are using LEED for Cities to commit to continuous improvement, and more than 115 of them are certified.

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