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Using Third-Party Certifications to Build Sustainably at Scale

A dedication to sustainability has helped companies increase their third-party certified project portfolios in a relatively short span.

According to the United Stated Green Building Council (USGBC), it’s well known that LEED accelerates changes in the market. As project owners and developers push their teams to meet certification standards, those teams seek out environmentally friendly vendors, and suppliers begin offering new products that require less carbon to produce, incorporate more recycled content and do more than previous products to promote healthy indoor spaces.

Less discussed, perhaps, is the impact that pursuing LEED certification can have on an individual company—especially one that pursues certification across all assets. For these developers, sustainability is a cornerstone of their corporate culture. While there are certainly challenges associated with certifying millions of square feet of space, these companies are often able to unlock efficiencies of scale that help them to do more and do it more quickly.

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