What is the Correct Formula for a Healthy Home?

Creating a stay at home formula in place for the whole family is key

By Jillian Pritchard Cooke

The definition of the word formula is a method, statement, or procedure for achieving something, especially reconciling different aims or positions.

What better way to engage in the topic of creating a formula for a healthy home than engaging in a conversation with Nick Slevin, who is the Editor in Chief of this magazine and Developer of the ABC Green Home Project. I chatted with Nick about the spine for this article. Not realizing it, I hit on an industry term when I mentioned the word spine. Nick explained how the spine is the backbone to each magazine, which binds the pages together to create a publication. There is a formula to binding content in Peninsula Publishing’s magazines. Nick shared with me the nuances of how paper weight can vary from one publisher to the next and that digital flip books are different from print media altogether. Nick reminded me while it can often be the same news, the digital edition makes reading the magazines online an option, which also allows direct click through connectivity to the writers and the advertisers. Providing a personalized readership experience is part of a contemporary publishing formula.

I asked Nick about his interest in vintage motor racing and I found myself intrigued by how through motor racing Nick came to understand the science of high performance under duress. Nick raced a 1978 LOLA T492 Cosworth powered Sports Racer to a 2003 HSR West championship. Much of the highperformance technology from that era of sports car racing solved high performance strategies for future race cars. Whether the technology is worked out on the race track, by a design team or on an assembly line, it’s the race to find the perfect formulas that mankind pursues. Nick learned that engaging in the commitment to high performance, whether it’s in vintage motorsports, green home building, or running a competitive media business, creates a competitive environment that results in refinement and commitment to something better, proving the old NASCAR adage, if you win a race on Sunday you will sell more of that brand on Monday. This is especially relevant in the work Nick engages in at the ABC Green Home Project. The ABC Green Homes have shaped the future of housing through refinement of systems, designs, technologies and construction strategies over the last decade. There are four whole home air changes per hour in ABC 4.0, thanks to the ERV air filtration system and other technologies.

Scientists and researchers are in pursuit of the formula to stop COVID 19. While the vaccine is being developed, we need to have a similar approach in new homes to coexist harmoniously without stress. Homes are functioning at full capacity, often without a break 24/7. Systems are getting a real workout. Rooms have been transformed into classrooms and offices, which can be disruptive and stressful on family dynamics. Occupants are converting every available square foot for cooking stations, exercise studios, revitalization and meditation areas. Accommodating virtual meetings and homework assignments is the new normal. Makeshift storage areas for overflow food, paper goods and cleaning supplies are replacing unused space. Changes in floor plans, architecture and design are already in the works as a direct result of the Covid19 experience.

Meanwhile Mother Nature responds to our social distancing, cocooning and staying at home in a positive way with Co2 emissions at a record low. We find ourselves analyzing our levels of consumption and waste and asking ourselves can we live with less in our lives?

At the end of the day it’s really high densities, inadequate air flow, ventilation and filtration as well as compromised immune systems, along with poor physical fitness that expose the most vulnerable to a virus. Getting humidity levels right in a home can be tricky. Viruses do not like humidity. While the formula for the vaccine is being created, tested, manufactured and distributed, putting a stay at home formula in place for the whole family is key. Designing spaces in your homes to accommodate all age groups is imperative. Understanding virtual business and learning strategies is key to creating technology solutions and adequate space to function cognitively. Separating work, school, family, and alone time is important for mental wellness. Finding ways to connect with nature and unplugging is key. Educating buyers on the required maintenance behind their new appliances and whole house systems can result in healthier outcomes for your homebuyers. Creating exercise zones inside and out. Organized garages, closets and storage rooms can help reduce clutter and create new usable spaces. Reworking air and water strategies will help reduce harmful contaminates. Portable air system is a great assist solution. Opening up window coverings letting in light can boost productivity. Taking a holistic approach and applying health and wellness strategies every day during and after the pandemic is a winning formula we can all deploy.

Jillian Pritchard Cooke is the founder of Wellness Within Your Walls